Comedic remedies/-/- Grass hopper pie

The Internet is wonderful place to find comic relief. Being able to break the connection between work and home time I think keeps the sane, sane. Laughing is truly is multidimensional tool for happiness and did you know that laughing also reduces stress? Often needed in times of uncertainty and pressure.

What do you do to make yourself laugh? or How do you ease the pressure of work, life social balance? For some it comes in the form of trolling the Internet for cat memes or watching an episode of big bang theory. Those things are great but I have few things that makes me instantly happy.

I am going to tell you truth about what makes me laugh as immature, cruel and childish as it sounds. I like to look up picture of tattoo failures, especially one that have to do with quote or Chinese symbols. I do not know why there is an obsession among people to get quote written in a different language, maybe you are consider cultured and “deep”. Anyway I find it impossible not to giggle find picture or meme’s or tattoo failure on the net. Come on you have laugh at least once that some guy thinking a tattoo means bravery, courage, strength is really “steam pork bun” or when some misspells a quote. The moral of story here kids is triple check you tattoo choice at least someone with a good knowledge of the language before you mark.

Also another linguistic fail I find it amusing is when people sing the lyrics to song with such passion but the words are wrong. I know I have wrongly interpreted song lyrics; when I first heard PSY new song I though he was singing about Gonorrhoea in one line. My major epic fail, thankful I cannot sing so no embarrassment lost there.

Finally I love to watch Finding Nemo. This movie is probably the best pixie film ever ( sorry toy story, I am breaking up with you). There is particular scene where Dory is speaking whale; I cannot remember the number of times this has made me split down the sides. It just embodies the interconnectivity of species and support post humanists theory… sorry social science talk coming through. In short Ellen is awesome, fish are awesome and being almost 21 and still watching cartoons awesome.

I have been longing to make this type of pie for a while; not because of the cocktail but I was drawn to the filling which promised a mouse like texture with half the work. This is dessert is embedded into Southern American food culture; I am not sure when it was first invented but given the name and colour I assuming around the 60’s or 50’s. I love mint and chocolate together in cold desserts, the coolness of the mint leaves your mouth tingling for more. After you get the sweetness of bitter sweet chocolate to finish which leave you refreshed, light and satisfied. For the base I used a mix of dark chocolate Tim tams, normal Tim tams and dark chocolate in order to form a base which is more than just a crust. This pie is so easy , quick and uses the stuff you most likely have in pantry(beside the alcohol I guess).

Grass hopper pie

Adapted from FEAST; food that celebrates life by Nigella Lawson

Makes 3 15 cm tarts

130g Original Tim tams

130g Dark chocolate Tim tams

60g dark chocolate (min 70%)

50g unsalted butter, melted

For the pie

150g mini white marshmallows

115ml milk

40ml Crème de methe

40ml Creme de blanc

150ml cream

Green food colouring

In a food processor, crush the biscuits and chocolate together until thoroughly broken. Add the butter and process until you get cookie dough which clumps like sand.

Push into your tart tins with a metal spoon and transfer to the fridge for one hour.

In medium sauce pan combine your milk and mini Marshmallows. Stir on gentle heat unit they are melted together. Whisk in your alcohols in to this mix.add you level of green food colour I used paste, so a few drops will do.

Beat your cream to soft peaks. Fold in the green mix to the cream. Pour in to your prepared tart tins, smooth it out and place in fridge for 3 hours.

To decorate crumbled left over Tim tams and top with chocolate covered marshmallow bites

Note: You can make this ready for 3 days. Once firm cover with cling firm to prevent the filling from dying.


  1. These sound awesome! I love chocolate + mint anything, and the easy mousse recipe is a definite bonus.

    1. I have often used the filling as a mousse too. It is fabulously light with out the work. Thanks for commenting Elizabeth.

  2. Bloody love Nigella and all her amazing-ness. And I love this tim-tammy take on her recipe. Looks awesome!

    1. Hey Sarah, Nigella is my hero. I have all her cook books, she is such a brilliant cook and food writer. Try this some time it is too good.

  3. I love the things that make you laugh! One silly/guilty pleasure internet thing that makes me laugh is Love the look of your pies and they sound amazing!

    1. Thanks Rosie! I am glad you were not offend by what I find funny(some people are BTW). I have checked out the website, I was in stitches. Love your comments

  4. I needed to finish off my Southern offerings and this was the perfect finale. I featured your dessert on my Friday Five - Southern addition over @ Feed Your Soul Too -