It is all about the face /-/ Vegan Fairy bread no bake cheese cake with sprinkle crumble

With the importance of social media ever growing and integrating itself into our lives; there is one aspect of it that I dislike a lot. I am saying dislike a lot because I feel I use hate to much but I hope you understand the loathing I feel for this. How many of you have taken a selfie? I think we all have.

 Yes even the older generation of IPhone and Ipad uses have taken selfies for their profile on Facebook. I am guilty of taking selfies too, however I have stopped. Mainly due to sheer laziness but it seems like my feed page is being bombarded with selfies. Only yesterday did I have an album pop up on my feed, that was filled with only selfies. Yes a WHOLE Album. Argh even the word Selfie is making me shutter.

I only realised the other day how many people on my friends list have more than 100 “selfies” photos, mostly of the same position and the same angle.

 You know the pointed up at 45 degrees and chin down photos with a slight tilt to the head to give the best shot.

There might be the “cute Asian shot” or the “middle finger shot” once in a while; or you can come across the “pouty lip shot and bend forward shot”. Sure the variation is good but most of them are taken with the camera face down and us looking up.

Now I am going to ask you guys honestly how many photos of yourself do you need to publish to face book? 

Do you not see yourself enough in the mirror when you get ready or have you forgotten that photos normally are taken a few meters away from you? 

Is it that you need to find the “best” shot of yourself to post to face book to show how “modelist” you are to the world?

We get it you are pretty, you are sexy, you are cute. Now post a photo of a funny cat picture and I will get on my way.

Another point: The rate of posting is also important. One in while selfies are OK. 

I totally understand the ease of a selfie when you change your hair of something. BUT posting several every day of the same shot of you? THIS IS NOT COOL. Even more annoying is when that same person (or persons in my case) are constantly posting ones in order to get likes or complements on their photos then dismiss the poster when they give a compliment to the photo. O.k but What is the use then? BLAH!! INSUFFERABLE!

I think we all have at least one person on our feed list who does all of these things. Maybe you used to be a serial “selfie” poster too. Tell me your views about it! There has to one other person who thinks is this serious problem.

I guess You could say the obsessiveness with photos take place more in the kitchen than on face book. Each time I take photos of food, it edges on 100 per shoot. Yep I am obsessive for food shots; none of them seem right to me. 

This is one of those photo shoots that I had a lot of trouble with the styling lighting, argh! Everything! However I think this is worth sharing as it is easy and proves that vegan food can be very very pretty.

Modelled after the iconic snack, fairy bread, I decided to treat myself to a cake. However this not cheese cake in the original sense but made from a raw base of cashews and topped with a layer of whipped coconut cream. I have been fixated by the raw cheese cake, simply because I can not imagine a no bake cheese cake that I would actually like. I find the no bake cheese cake too “heavy” these days and way too sweet.

Do not put off by the fact you need to soak nuts. The creamy emulsion of nutty almonds, essence and coconut nectar produces a texture unlike anything you have in a traditional dessert. I was once hesitant of vegan cheese cake being good but seriously it is texture unlike anything you have tasted before. Rich but yet light; which is great for things like cheese cake.It is simple but luscious; and leaves you mouth feeling silky smooth. How good is that a nutritious cheese cake which makes you even more beautiful? 

The cake is a darker than I hoped but is very flavoursome. The brown sugar produces a wonderful fall aroma., it is a wonderful fall cake and leaves your kitchen your smelling like the best scented candles. The one model after food of course! You can use your own cake recipe, just make sure it is a steady cake; not like a sponge.

Now the crumble add the texture to the no bake dessert. Beat it is all about balance right? In life and in food. The crunchy top gives way to sway of coconut whipped cream which we all need.

 Yes, even though this might be vegan, I am not selling it as health food.

 Now I may not be the expert on vegan food but I assure you, you will not disappointed by this no baked vegan dessert which proves vegan food can be main stream.

Fairy bread, no bake cheese cake with sprinkle crumble

NOTE!; Make sure your sprinkles are vegan too, Some contain animal products and oils. While I am not a vegan, people who are cooking this for their vegan friends may need to check

Raw cheese cake 

225g blanced almonds, soaked for 4-6 hours

90ml lemon juice

90ml coconut nectar

90g soften coconut butter

50g sprinkles

2g pink sea salt

1tsp vanilla extract

Place all ingredients in a food processor but sprinkles and blend to very smooth. Set aside in a large bowl.

Fold your sprinkle in lightly when ready to use

 Coconut whipped  cream

I made my whipped coconut cream topping from thekitchn

Cookie crumbs from Momofuku bar
found on Gastronomoy blog.

100g caster sugar

25 g brown sugar

90g cake flour

2 baking powder

2 pink sea salt

20g rainbow sprinkles

40 rice bran

12g clear vanilla extract

Heat the oven to 150C

Fit your stand mixer with the paddle attachment. Combine the sugars, flour, baking powder, salt, and sprinkles. Beat until combined.

Add the oil and vanilla and beat again. Continue to beat until it froms large clumps.

Spread on a lined baking tray. You can break it up if you want smaller crumbs.

Bake for 20 minutes and stir every 5 minutes. Cool and dry on the tray, they should be pale but dry when they come out.

Cool on the tray and store in an tight tin till needed

Brown sugar almond cake

Adapted from Chow

120g all purpose flour

40g corn flour

4g baking powder

4g baking soda

2g fine salt

25g almond butter

245ml soy milk

5ml apple cider vinegar

114g vegan margarine

120g dark brown sugar

7ml vanilla extract

Pre heat oven to 180C. Line and grease your bread shaped tin on the bottom and sides

Shift your flour, corn flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl.

Cream in a stand mixer the margarine and sugar for 5 minutes. It should be very light and fluffy. Add your almond butter and vanilla extract. Beat until fluffy again.

On a low speed alternate between the flour mixture, and the soy milk mixture in three batches. Mix until just incorporated. Stop occasionally to scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Pour mix into your tin, and bake for 35-40 minutes. Bake until the toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the centre.

Cool in tin for 10 minutes then turn out, inverted, on a wire rack. Cool for at least 4 hours before proceeding to cream filling.


Make cookie crumbs and have extra sprinkles on you.

Make the case hollow out the cake to leave a 1.5cm broader around the cake.

Make and finish the cream filling. Pour onto the base cake layer and return to the freezer until set enough to spread coconut whipped cream on top. After sprinkle on cookie sprinkle crumb and extra sprinkles.


  1. Looks so happy and fun!! and delicious as well =)

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  2. Awesome recipe - I'm loving how you came up with this original treat using so many different points of inspiration.

    And yes, I agree re the selfie thing. No doubt because I'm a Gen Xer not a Gen Yer or whatever came next. But I just don't get it :)

    1. Thanks Christina. I love using lots of inspiration post to come up with new desserts, makes it more fun.

      blah! me too, I guess we can not understand together.

  3. I'm not a serial selfie poster person, but I have to admit I get too crazy when I'm taking pics of my food lol. I took over 150 photos for a post once just to discover I didn't like any of them ;)
    But yours look beautiful, and so does this cake! It's so pretty and fun, I love the sprinkles. Don't they make everything better? ;)
    Have a nice weekend :D

    1. Haha, I can so relate to that!

      I once did a instgram of 50 photos, none of them made it to the cut.

      Thank you for your lovely comment Consuelo