Nothing to fear but fear itself /-/ White spelt bread with Chai seeds

Yes I make a lot of bread. Buns and rolls most often, but I have never ventured into the world of making a whole loaf of bread.  You would think I would make loaf bread more often because it take alot less time to shaped then making a whole army of bread rolls. The simple reason is that I am scared of it.

 I am not sure, why baking a loaf makes me quiver at knees. Maybe I am intimidated by the amount of dough need to shape a loaf at one time compared to a simple bun. Another reason is that I am very clumsy when working with bread dough, so more dough equals more problems. It could be the baking temperatures and the danger of it burning the top of the bread.

 I am not an attentive baker once the foodstuff is in the oven, so I have burned the tops of several loaves of bread before this one. So bad, in fact I once fell asleep at my notebook while a loaf of bread was in oven, only to be awakened by the sound of an oven timer. This resulted in less than perfect blacken topped loaf, not happy Jan.

If I reflect on my baking bread past, I have always found it difficult to take the loaf of bread out the tin. I would rip the bread to shreds, so my loaf will be in two or big chunks of bread would be stuck to the base of tin; either way I means a frustrated baker and an ugly loaf.
This time I have decided to get over my fear of baking a loaf, sure I could of turned this white spelt bread into buns but what would I gain from that?
So to make sure this problem did not occur I oiled, lined and floured the tin. Over kill, some will say but you never can be too careful when it comes to baking.  

This bread also includes an new ingredient I am working with which is white spelt bread flour. I am a newbie when it comes to the whole grain flours and their temperament when being used in baking. I have heard stories of the loaves of whole meal bread coming out like rocks or being too dry and dense, not proofing the right way etc... Yes I am a chicken in kitchen.


This recipe did not disappoint me. Wonderful soft bread with an even texture, which makes a great sandwich bread or toasted and dipped into soft-boiled eggs. Spelt provides nutty undertone to the loaf, which is deeper than traditional whole meal, or even oat based breads. This was the best part for me. Also it makes the loaf that much more nutritious and better for you because I used chai seeds and a lower GI white cane sugar  I don’t really care too much about this but my parents hopefully will benefit!).

The kneading does take some time since it is whole meal flour but well worth it in the end. Also this dough is quite wet, which makes for a lighter loaf but it a bit messy to shape and knead. DO NOT be put off by this because I am newbie at loaves I can do it. Give wholegrain a chance, face your fears! Bake a loaf for your breakfast today.

White spelt bread with chai seeds.
Adapted from this recipe on
Makes one standard loaf.

7g yeast
20g Low GI Sugar ( It is called Smart sugar here in Australia)
20g milk powder
350g warm water
400g white spelt bread flour
100g white bread flour
30g chai seeds
5g salt
30g olive oil

Activate yeast in the mixture of warm water and sugar. Allow to sit for 20 minutes or until foamy.
Place flours, chai seeds, salt, oil, milk powder in large bowl. Stir to combine
Pour in yeast mixture and knead on a well-floured surface. The mixture will be wetter than normal dough, but knead for about 30-40mintues by hand. Knead until it has the ability to hold its self up into a round ball shape.
Grease a large bowl and the ball of dough and cover. Allow to proof for 2 hours.
Pre heat oven to 200c. Grease, line and flour your loaf pans. I used a small Asian loaf pan so I had to make two, but the standard 1 pound loaf tin will deal with this amount dough nicely.
Punch down dough once doubled. Roll out dough into a rough rectangle, roll up like swiss roll, after tuck the ends into the loaf, and place it in the tin seam side down. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle your chai seeds on top of the loaf. Proof again for 1 hour, covered with cling wrap.
Once it has doubled, Take off cling and bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes. Cover with foil at about 20-25mintues if it browns too much.
Once bake, cool for 5 minutes and turn out on to cooling rack.


  1. Looks delicious! And what a gorgeous loaf shape. However, I thought I should point out that white spelt flour is the refined version of wholemeal spelt flour, which makes it the equivalent of using any kind of refined white flour. (Just because it's spelt doesn't mean it's in a wholegrain form.)

    1. Thank you the comment. I was not aware of that and Thank you for informing me. I used Spelt due to its lower GI content of 54. Next time I will make one with whole spelt flour.

  2. Wow, Bread looks fantastic. I will make half to half milk+water. I hope that's similar to yours.Greetings...

    1. Thank you for the your comment. The water will change the texture a bit as milk makes it softer crumb, but it should be fine. The more milk with produce a more cake like bread.

  3. Your loaf slices are evenly cut. Love the overall look of your loaf. I'm happy to become one of your followers.

    1. Thank you Vivian! Your bread looks so good, I aspire to bake like yours.

  4. Looks great! Did you use fresh or dried yeast?